Photoshop Tweaking  For Free !

A treat in these lockdown times

An offer from ChrisChevPhotographer based at the Studio CameraWork45 

Original Photograph by Izzy edited by Christophe Chevaugeon


As someone who worked with film for many years, I learned the hard way to pay attention to every detail in the frame.  There was little you could do to correct a bothersome detail once an image had been taken. While the darkroom offered you plenty of scope to interpret the original image recorded on film, it didn’t offer you the possibility to alter the elements of the image.  Digital cameras, along with sophisticated software such as Photoshop, have opened up a whole new era of photo editing. Today, there are endless possibilities in terms of interpreting a digital image and in altering its elements. A word of warning though…. we still need to take care…  if our initial image is poorly constructed and taken, no amount of ‘Photoshopping’ will rescue it. However, we all have photos where something has gone unnoticed when we were taking it or indeed something we could do nothing about in our otherwise well-crafted image. In these cases, Photoshop can certainly come to the rescue. 

This is exactly the situation that confronted my young talented student Izzy.  She took this beautifully composed image of the Kelpies in Scotland, catching low sunlight, accepting that there was nothing she could do to keep the image balanced whilst avoiding the power lines and the upper branches of trees camera left and right. 

Here is the original photo straight out of Izzy’s camera.

She shared her frustration with me and so I offered her to ‘Photoshop’ it for her.  I started by ‘photoshopping’ out of the image all the elements that were weakening its impacts and then proceeded to enhance colour, contrast and so on.  She was delighted with the result.



Your Favourite Photo Enhanced For Free Offer

This experience with Izzy inspired me to offer people, stuck at home like her, to send me a photograph that they really like but feel could do with some work on because of some unsightly and unwanted element weakening it.  So if you decide to send me an image, chose one you’re happy yo share with the world!

The Terms and Conditions

The offer is open to everyone under the following conditions:

  • In these T&Cs , ‘I’ refers to Christophe Chevaugeon, photographer owner of the Studio CameraWork45, and photographer offering services and original work at and
  • This offer is open from March 23, 2020, to April 5, 2020, included.
  • Submissions received from the April 2, 2020, will be parked on my Gmail server if I decide to extend or repeat the offer. Updates will be posted on this page as relevant.
  • This offer is for digital images only.
  • You may only submit one image.
  • The author of the image retains full copyright of her / his work and will be credited unless they specify that they don’t wish to be (opt-out). 
  • The authors or the carers of the authors can choose for the author to be credited by name or an AKA of their choice on the relevant blog post.
  • All images are to be sent to accompanied by a brief explanation of what the author feels needs enhancing. Submissions without an explanation will be discarded.
  • If you’re under eighteen then it is your adult carer that will contact me via their email-not yours !
  • Adult participants or adult carers of participants must provide their full contact details along with the original digital file of the image.  These emails will remain on the Gmail server and not be used to generate a data-base.
  • Participants understand that they’re submitting their photographs to me for consideration.  I will select 20 images out of all of the submissions. I will only contact the authors or the carers of the authors to confirm that their images have been selected for editing. Sorry, but it isn’t feasible for me to email every participant to explain why I didn’t retain their image. 
  • Images and emails of participants recieved before April 6, 2020 but not selected will be deleted from the email account by April 10, 2020.
  • Selected images, alongside their edited version, will be stored on my computer and two physical independant backup drives.
  • The author of the entries selected images, accept that their original images alongside their edited versions will be presented on a blog post on  This post will be shared on a number of social media platforms.
  • The file of the edited version of the image will be emailed to their authors for them to keep. 
  • The authors of the selected images understand that I can use their photos indefinitely to promote my services without ever selling them on.
  • All participants understand that I can cancel this offer without notice or explanation. In such an event, all emails and original files will be deleted from my email server and from any digital storage device they may have been stored on.
  • I will not use participants’ details to promote my business in any way nor pass them on to third parties. 

A big thankyou to Izzy for sharing her work !

Enjoy two more of her photos of the Kelpies that needed no elements removed from them.




Looking forward to your submissions

This is an opportunity for you to share a photo, or encourage someone else to, that matters to you/ them . Help brighten up our day in a time when many of us are stuck at home.

Stay safe, physically socially distant but actively socially engaged !

Very best wishes