‘On This Date in Photography’  &  ‘Art Blart’ 

Two wonderful sites  to learn and think about photography

suitable for adults only


In a previous post and video, I had harsh words about internet algorithms aiming low, but here are two wonderful sites that aim very high and are a delight for anyone passionate about photography. 

Both authors (Marcus Bunyan / www.artblart.com and James McArdle / www.onthisdateinphotography.com)  know their stuff and how to write about it! Their texts are great and the photos and illustrations they present carefully curated.  They take different approaches to sharing their knowledge and thoughts about past and current photographic practices. ‘Art Blart’  posts tend to focus on exhibitions of well-known works whereas ‘On this Date in Photography’ posts are each, as described by James McArdle on the site, ‘an adventure in photography’, the fruit of his continuous research which leads him often ‘out of the mainstream’.

If you want to learn about photography, think about photography and enjoy photography then pay the sites a visit.  Just click on the pics or links below.  Please keep in mind, that since photography trains its piercing eye on almost every facet of the human condition,  it should come as no surprise that some of the posts are not suitable for everyone. You have been warned.


On this Date in Photography by James McArdle



Art Blart by Dr Marcus Bunyan


While I’m at it I’d like to express my appreciation to both authors for their dedication to photography.