Closed but Active

Coronavirus Update



First of all, I hope this message finds you and all the people you cherish well. Coronavirus can affect us in so many ways, reminding us of how interconnected we are.  The limits of the individualistic nature of our society have been laid bare for all to see: without each other, we can’t survive very long, let only grow to shine as individuals!

I hope at present that you are relatively unscathed by the effects of the virus and will remain so in the future, whilst knowing, as we all do, that this crisis will find a way to hurt each and every one of us, be it directly or indirectly.  For the longer term, I hope that as a society, we will triumph and that the experiences of having shared and overcome hardships together, will pave the way for us to make even greater efforts to change the world-that is ourselves-for the better. 

But right now, what matters, is to avoid burdening our care services by keeping safe. And the best way to keep safe is to practise Social Distancing. This is why CameraWork45 is closed to the public and won’t reopen till evidence-based guidance says it’s ok.


I will miss not only the work you set me and the business but also the banter about photography that I’ve enjoyed so much and that is at the heart of my open studio.  I am looking at ways for people to continue engaging with photography and will post some ideas in the coming days.


Keep well. Keep everyone as safe as you can.


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