Learn studio photography a different way

with self-organised learning environment(s)

Radically different from traditional workshops,  inspired by education scientist Sugata Mitra’s S.O.L.E.(s) approach to learning, I am now offering self-organised learning environments at CameraWork45.  Enjoy this brief video launching this novel way of learning. After the closing credits at 4:51, there’s even a little outtake that I hope will make you smile!

Presenting Learning with S.O.L.E. 


Is S.O.L.E. right for you?

Is S.O.L.E. right for you? If you like to learn by experimentation, if you’re the sort of person who only reads the user’s manual in desperation, if you like diving in the deep end, if you like to be let loose, knowing you can count on great support if you need it, if you are not afraid to try and try again, if you enjoy collaborating, if you’re just as interested in the journey than as in the finished result, then S.O.L.E. is for you!

You can SOLE it alone or you can SOLE it in teams of 2, 3, and even up to 4 people. 

Remember it helps if you have basic proficiency with a camera, any camera. And you can borrow one for free! Read all about here.

S.O.L.E. Project

Portrait and Self Portrait are the most obvious SOLE projects.  Object photography can also be a great project.


Examples of kit provided for a S.O.L.E. selfie where the project was to recreate famous portraits.


Depending on guidelines and common sense, you may have to wear a mask! And if you’re Team SOLE-ing it may have to be only with members of your household or bubble!  I’ll wipe down all the kit before I hand it over to you!

Securing a S.O.L.E. session and cost.

All you need to do is call me at 07584 372 639 or email me a camerawork45@gmail.com


We’ll work out a date and a schedule that lasts 3 1/2 hours including breaks and a debriefing with me to wrap up the session.   The sessions can be twilight sessions from 6 to 9:30 pm for example or during the day.  The cost of the session is £60 if you’re SOLE-ing alone.  Add £10 per extra partner if you plan on Team SOLE-ing it! this is great value for money, it would cost you a fortune just to hire the kit you’ll get to handle. Bring snacks and bottled drinks to limit the risks of contamination.

Have a go at S.O.L.E!  You’ll love it!