Brooklyn Kings

New York City’s Black Bikers

(The Book)

Photographs by Martin Dixon

Essay by Greg Tate

Two worlds so far removed from each other, and yet there it was, a slice of a Brooklyn subculture, on the bottom shelf of Barter Books (well known second hand bookshop), in the quiet Northern UK town of Alnwick (of Harry Potter fame ) waiting just for me!

Brooklyn Kings: New City’s Black Bikers

Greg Tate’s essay is rich and concise. Martin Dixon’s photos are exceptional.  And there’s a bonus: Greg’s ‘interview’ of Martin.  The print quality of the book is  great. What’s not to like ?

Come browse it at CameraWork45 .  You can also find it  for sale on-line.

And if you have a photo-book you want to say a good word about , just drop in and we’ll see what we can do.

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Brooklyn Kings:New York City’s Black Bikers

© 2000 powerhouse Cultural Entertainment, Inc

Photographs  ©  2000 Martin Dixon

Essay and interview © 2000 Craig Tate

Brooklyn Logic © Martin Dixon


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