My Eye is a DSLR 

Borrowing the D80 from CameraWork45

Our experience

Mark and Christine

original photo montage creation by Mark and Christine

We were pleasantly amazed when Christophe lent us a digital single-lens reflex camera(DSLR) after knowing us for only an hour or two. We obviously have honest faces if not photogenic ones. (Speak for yourself – Christine.)

We were also a bit daunted. It did look a lot more complicated. Even the bag is full of straps, pockets and gadgets. However, with a little bit of cramming, we soon got the basics.


Of the two of us, Christine tended to be the artistic photographer whilst Mark tended to be the Sherpa/model/muse carrying the bag and looking suitably enigmatic when a figure was needed to add human interest to a picture. (That’s how Mark sees it anyway.)

We experimented with the various settings on the auto settings. Taking close-ups of flowers, action shots of birds in flight as well as the usual portraits and views. We were very impressed by the results compared to our usual compact digital camera, and even more so when Christophe went into post-production.

blue boat
with some post-production

A montage by Mark and Christine

We will definitely buy one ourselves as well as hoping to keep in contact with Christophe.

Mark and Christine  September 2021