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Borrow this Nikon D80 For Free

Always wanted to try out a modern camera? Here’s your chance to have a go for free!

The kit is out! Check in beginning of January 2022

     Couldn’t be easier to get started with the tailored and subtitled video tutorial.

(contains flash photography)

When CameraWork45’s good neighbour, John Stanton, generously gave me his Digital Single Lens Reflex camera along with a kit lens, battery, charger, manual and camera bag for free I was really touched!

Inspired by John’s generosity, I wondered how I could put this camera to good use.  As it’s a wonderful piece of kit, perfect for getting your head around using a modern camera, I thought the best thing CameraWork45 could do was let local people borrow it for free!

Of course, there have to be Terms and Conditions, otherwise, there’s the danger that it doesn’t make its way back to the Studio to be enjoyed by someone else. So do take a minute to read the T&Cs  below before contacting me to borrow it. 

What You Get to Borrow

You get the D80 with a zoom lens mounted to the camera, a battery, an 8GB memory card installed in the camera, a battery charger and the user’s manual. And a special case to carry all that of course!





Terms and Conditions

  • You must be local: 30-mile radius from Felton tops!
  • The only way to check that the kit is available is by visiting this page! 
  • To organise the loan contact me via email only at Check your spam box if you don’t hear from me.
  • There is a deposit, cash only, of £10. Bring everything back and you get your deposit back of course!
  • COVID SAFE: Bring a bag to collect the kit, I’ll wipe it down before handing it over to you.
  • You can borrow the camera for a reasonable amount of days in a row ( two weeks sounds good), which is also dependent on my availability to hand it out and my availability to collect it. 
  • You take full responsibility for the kit and what you do with it!
  • Return the memory card clear of any images.
  • Do your best to recharge the battery too.
  • COVID SAFE: You must wipe the kit down (except the glass of the lens) before handing it in. 
  • If something’s broken, tell me about it when you hand it in!
  • You understand that  I can put an end to lending this equipment without notice.


         And that’s all there is to it. So a big thanks to John Stanton for his generosity. Thanks to him, I look forward to plenty of people taking their first steps with a ‘serious’ camera! It’s not so hard!


Stay safe