How to Improve Your Photography

Delve into good books about its history and practitioners

I see a lot of  offers on social media for courses on how to improve your photography skills that all focus on understanding the tools of the trade.  I’m convinced that it is equally  important as photographers and photography lovers to get an idea of the history of photography and to take time to become acquainted with great works.  Beyond any practical skills, being inspired and learning from great works is the best way to reflect on one’s practice.

Photography, The Definitive Visual History published by Dorling Kindersley Limited

This book covers a lot of terrain from the origins of photography to the arrival of the digital age. It explores the evolution in techniques, applications and uses of photography throughout time. It presents an array of remarkable photographers accompanied by their most notable photographs.  I’m sure you’ll find it informative and inspiring. It was first published in 2014 in the UK.



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